H-CAP has developed a clearinghouse on Registered Apprenticeship in healthcare to help employers, unions, industry associations, and apprenticeship sponsors as they develop their program. These documents prepare apprentices to achieve a nationally recognized certificate of competency and achievement.

This compendium of Registered Apprenticeship resources offers real-world examples from healthcare industry stakeholders to jumpstart partnerships to advance apprenticeship adoption.

The National Library includes on-the-job learning outlines, classroom instruction outlines, and other information.

Healthcare partners may review, select, and adapt the occupational outlines and competency models presented.

H-CAP will continue to add materials to the National Library as Registered Apprenticeship grows in the healthcare industry.

The American Institute for Innovative Apprenticeship provides nationally reviewed frameworks and approved standards for Registered Apprenticeship in healthcare occupations and other industries.

All forms and documents for the National Library are provided below, which will be updated on an ongoing basis.