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Executive Director 

Danielle Copeland is the Executive Director of the Healthcare Career Advancement Program (H-CAP). For over 20 years, Danielle Copeland has been instrumental in working with unions, labor-management partnerships, and nonprofits with strategic planning and organization and program development. With a background in adult education, curriculum development, and facilitation, Danielle has been able to build and execute programs that support equity justice as well as workforce and skill development. 


In addition to Danielle’s current work working within 17 states and supporting a national network of industry partnerships which includes more than 1,000 employers and provides access to training to offer 630,000 healthcare workers, Danielle helped build and ran a local training fund in Maryland and Washington DC.   


Before re-joining H-CAP, Danielle was the Director of Leadership Empowerment and Workforce Development for SEIU (Service Employees International Union) Local 2015, representing 400,000 long-term care workers in the state of California.  


Danielle’s ongoing work with H-CAP and previous positions have enabled her to evaluate the work and strategy of labor management training partnerships as a best practices and effective strategy to workforce development in healthcare. Danielle has supported local programs and organizations across the country, working with diverse organizations to identify creative strategies on organizational and program development in service to build capacity in the healthcare sector.  

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