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fall 2022 Conference

LOCATION: Washington, DC

Dates: October 20, 2022

Discussions will be centered on key issues and shared labor-management solutions during this crucial time. Sessions are being planned on topics such as:

  • Labor-Management Partnership and Government Collaboration on Strategies to Support the Healthcare Workforce 

  • Addressing Current Challenges through Labor-Management Partnerships: Utilizing Public Funding to Support High-Road Training Partnerships (HRTP) 

  • Building Good Jobs in Long-Term Care 

  • Building Equitable Pathways to Good Jobs: Focus on Registered Apprenticeship in Hospitals/Health Systems

  • New Strategies for the Nursing Home Workforce: Policy, Program, and Practice

Conference Day Agenda

HCAPConference Agenda_Page_1.jpg

Speaker Bios




LOCATION: Washington, DC

Dates: Spring 2019

H-CAP held its annual spring conference in Washington, DC on 28 March, 2019. It provided members of the network the opportunity to work through the continuing evolution in the healthcare industry on several fronts including the effects of technological innovation. The opening plenary focused on projected workforce shortages across multiple occupations in all sectors of healthcare and highlighted the challenges presented, innovations to support forward thinking solutions, and the critical role of labor/management and government collaboration to ensure solutions that support high road jobs, quality care and increase equity.



LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA

Dates: March 15, 2018

The Healthcare Career Advancement Program (H-CAP) held its spring conference, where members of the network were able to come together to share best practices in promoting high quality care, training models and innovative workforce solutions. We welcomed an audience of over 100 healthcare labor, employer, education, and workforce leaders speaking about their strong labor/management partnerships working to support the workforce needed for quality care in challenging times.

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