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Apprenticeships are a proven, effective and cost-efficient way to develop a well-trained workforce for in-demand jobs. A growing number of youth apprenticeship programs for those ages 16 and above help ensure this boom translates into quality jobs that advance equity in the workforce. Partnerships between school systems, healthcare employers, unions, and labor-management training funds create unique, valuable career pathways offering economic opportunity, high school and college credit, and certifications, as well as vital, on-the-job training. 

These programs also help apprentices avoid or reduce the educational debt that is a significant obstacle to economic advancement.


Because these youth apprenticeship programs include training and school credits free of charge, while offering compensation, youth apprenticeships expand accessibility to healthcare careers and can help meaningfully level the playing field for young people from under-resourced communities. The demographics of the youth apprentices point to a more equitable and diverse healthcare workforce in the future.

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