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H-CAP’s research agenda enhances our work of building a national collaboration of employers, unions, training funds and educators for innovation and quality in career education, and to support and promote career ladder creation and mobility for the incumbent healthcare workforce.


  • Increases education and implementation of Registered Apprenticeships in Healthcare across sectors 

  • Provides resources and points of collaboration to share best practices

  • Reviews emerging trends and developments in workforce development, education, the job market and other areas that support labor/management partnerships in the healthcare sector

  • Work with our partners to address timely issues, including professional development and evaluation and research of healthcare career education programs


Healthcare stakeholders are still learning about Registered Apprenticeship as a targeted workforce solution to address talent gaps. As a National Industry Partner in Healthcare with the U.S. Department of Labor, H-CAP has created tools and resources that interested sponsors and their partners may use to understand, design, and implement a Registered Apprenticeship program.

Contact H-CAP Associate Director, Rebecca Von Loewenfeldt at for more information on healthcare Registered Apprenticeships.

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