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Mentorship is a key component of Registered Apprenticeship. Mentors provide support, coaching, and guidance to apprentices through on-the-job learning experiences that will develop an apprentices' skills, abilities, knowledge and thinking. By imparting their knowledge and experience, mentors have an invaluable impact on the successful outcome of an apprenticeship program.  To do so, mentors must know hoe to motivate and effectively communicate with their apprentices.


Program Goals

H-CAP developed an innovative Mentorship Training Program that prepares mentors for this important leadership role. The program’s goals are to:

  • Ensure high quality apprentice training by providing mentors with the knowledge, skills, and tools to be successful. 

  • Mentors have a chance to practice techniques and approaches that support the apprentice while also cultivating their own personal and professional growth.

  • Build reflective learning and critical thinking skills—a highly valued practice in today’s healthcare system. Reflection allows learning from experience, addressing patient issues, and improving professional practice.





For additional information on the Mentorship Training Program, please contact Neesha Rose at

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