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Essential Workers, Essential Education: The SEIU Labor-Management Training Partnership Model for Home Care Workforce Development 

Essential Workers, Essential Education outlines core principles to guide policy and public investment in home care workforce development and training. The nation must invest in a home care workforce development system that is capable of recruiting, training, and supporting millions of home care workers to provide essential care—and do so in manner that is equity-oriented and responsive to the unique challenges facing home care workers and their communities.  

Labor-Management Training Partnerships (LMTPs) are highly effective models for bringing new workers into a field and keeping them employed due to their responsiveness to both workers’ and employers’ needs, and should be expanded to play a larger role in the nation’s home care workforce development system. In service of guiding efforts to improve recruitment and retain much-needed home care workers, this report outlines the best practices and lessons learned from an inventory of SEIU LMTPs serving home care workers in nine states and make the case for the SEIU LMTP model of home care workforce development.  


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