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Nicole Waters-Harris


Program Manager

Nicole Watters-Harris is an experienced professional in nonprofit administration, with a career spanning over 15 years. Throughout her extensive tenure, she has been dedicated to collaborating with various nonprofit organizations committed to alleviating challenges related to poverty, mental health, and substance abuse disorders. Her proactive approach includes initiating and spearheading new programs to aid returning citizens and provide support to new parents through counseling, mentorship, and financial assistance. Nicole's skill set also encompasses fundraising, grant writing, and event planning.


In 2023, Nicole assumed the role of Program Manager at the Healthcare Career Advancement Program (H-CAP). In this capacity, she oversees the Michigan Nursing Home Workforce Stabilization grant, a collaborative effort involving the Michigan Department of Human Services, Employers, and SEIU Healthcare Michigan.


Prior to her current role, Nicole served as the executive director for a nonprofit social service agency in Detroit, concentrating on uplifting and educating some of the most vulnerable and underserved citizens in the community. Nicole holds a BA and MA of Social Work from Wayne State University.


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