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Apprentice Spotlight: Blanca Aguirre - Success Story

Blanca Aguirre's passion for the medical field never waned, even when she became a young mother and had to put her aspirations on hold. Devoting herself fully to her children and family, she waited until her youngest started school before beginning on her career journey. Starting as a Customer Service Representative at Wyoming Spring Pediatrics, Blanca found fulfillment but yearned for a more direct role in patient care. Inspired by the interactions of Medical Assistants, she knew that her dream job lay in providing hands-on care to patients.


Through this position, Blanca was able to become a Medical Assistant apprentice at Ascension Seton in Austin, TX. The apprenticeship program allows Ascension Seton to stabilize the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) workforce and produce associates functioning at Ascension Gold Standards. CMA apprentice graduates are highly sought after by managers across the Ascension clinic system.


Blanca's progression through the MA apprenticeship program has been remarkable. She has cultivated confidence, mastered vital skills such as taking vitals and rooming patients, and proficiently navigated Electronic Health Record systems. With each passing day, she edges closer to autonomy in her role as a CMA, with aspirations to further her education and pursue a career as a Registered Nurse.


“This experience has allowed me to gain confidence, believe in myself and become a role model for my oldest daughter. Learning new material was challenging and I wanted to give up many times, but I had to show my kids that giving up on something you want is not an op on. It may be hard, but it is not impossible.”


Ascension Seton's Medical Assistant Registered Apprenticeship program provided Blanca with invaluable exposure to various specialties. This allowed her, alongside fellow apprentices, to explore different areas of healthcare and discern their preferences. It was an eye-opening experience, affording insights into the daily operations and teamwork dynamics within each specialty. Upon completion of her apprenticeship, Blanca eagerly accepted a position as a CMA in a Pediatric Rheumatology clinic, marking a significant milestone in her journey.



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