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Empowering Futures: Dental Registered Apprenticeships Transforming Lives

The Georgia Dental Educational Institute (GDEI) is an Atlanta-based woman and POC owned and operated care provider. Led by Dr. Farrey Sutton, GEDI’s flagship endeavor is the Dental Registered Apprenticeship Program, which has garnered substantial success through collaborations with leading dental employers in Georgia such as Vital Smiles Georgia-Pediatrics, Coast Dental, and Aspen Dental, among others.


Embracing the GDEI Dental Assistant Registered Apprenticeship Program marks a strategic decision in pursuit of growth. This program, unique in Georgia, is designed to elevate the skills and clinical capabilities of apprentices, addressing a notable industry challenge—the scarcity of training facilities offering certifications like Expanded Duty Dental Assistant and Dental Radiology. With program completion, graduates emerge as highly valued assets in the competitive dental job market.


Comprehensive training forms the backbone of the apprenticeship program, covering vital topics such as CPR, OSHA, bloodborne pathogens, and HIPAA. Additionally, wrap-around support is provided including uniforms and professional counseling ensuring apprentices are well-prepared for their roles.


Mentorship is a pivotal aspect of the program, with Dr. Sutton playing a key role in guiding numerous graduates towards success in their dental careers. Despite challenges posed by the pandemic, the program's efficacy remained intact, with operations continuing seamlessly and employers reporting sustained success. The program's emphasis on diversity and inclusion further enriches organizational culture, fostering a skilled and varied workforce.


While measuring the exact Return on Investment (ROI) of the program may be challenging, its impact on the lives of apprentices is unmistakable. Apprentices experience a significant increase in income, highlighting the program's tangible benefits. Expanding the program in the future relies on focused outreach endeavors geared towards informing and involving potential partners. The objective is to amplify the program's reach and strengthen its long-term prosperity.


GDEI Dental Assistant Registered Apprenticeship transcends mere training and serves as a catalyst for career transformation, diversity promotion, and industry sustainability.



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