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Apprentice Spotlight: Meghan Barry - Success Story

In February 2024, Halifax Health – recognized as the first Registered Apprenticeship Program for Registered Nurses in the State of Florida – proudly announces a historic milestone in its apprenticeship program: the completion of its first-ever apprentice, Meghan Barry, RN. This achievement exemplifies the company's commitment to developing talent and providing opportunities to individuals seeking to excel in their careers.


Meghan Barry was one of the first Student Nurse Interns to join the apprenticeship program, officially signing on approximately 14 months ago, completing multi-disciplinary training and hands-on learning while earning her RN degree from Daytona State College. Upon graduation, she joined the Halifax Health Medical / Surgical RN Residency program as part of the clinical team with the Orthopedics Department.


"We are thrilled to celebrate Meghan's accomplishment as our first apprentice to complete the program," said Serena Fisher, PhD, Director of Organizational Development & Learning. "Apprenticeships offer a pathway to career opportunities and professional growth, and Meghan’s success provides encouragement and excitement for future apprentices looking to pursue an occupation in healthcare."


The apprenticeship program at Halifax Health provides participants with hands-on experience, mentorship, and didactic learning, as well as networking and educational assistance. By completing the program, Meghan has not only gained valuable skills and knowledge but has also laid a solid foundation for a successful career in Nursing.

"I decided to join Halifax following my enriching experience in the Student Nurse Intern program. The program afforded me numerous opportunities to learn and gain exposure to diverse hospital departments, as well as shadow accomplished Registered Nurses across various units.," said Meghan. "Having interacted with a diverse range of individuals during this period, I was convinced that I wanted to become a valuable member of the team.  Additionally, Halifax's nurse residency and mentorship programs were crucial to me, given my interest in professional growth."


Meghan plans to continue her education, earn a bachelor’s degree, and pursue opportunities to learn new skills, explaining “I have always been interested in healthcare, and as a compassionate and empathetic person, a career in nursing allows me to combine my love for the medical field with my drive to help others. As a nurse, I can make a significant difference in many lives by providing comfort and support to patients and their loved ones during their most vulnerable times. I chose nursing because it is a career that offers ongoing personal growth and provides numerous opportunities to develop new skills and knowledge.”


Halifax Health is proud of Meghan and her remarkable achievement and looks forward to continuing to support her on her career journey in healthcare!



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